Monday, August 30, 2010

Stolen Revenge...

So, let's see... Where to start... Well! I finished my last class of the day around 9:40 PM and walked my bike with a friend of mine to our local grocery store and we parted ways as he had to walk home at that point. I went in, bought a gallon of milk, a thing of bananas, Veggie Burger patties (not vegetarian, I just find them extremely delicious), and a box of cereal...just enough to tie me over for breakfasts and such. I pay, I leave, I pack my backpack full of groceries and biked home. HOWEVER! I pass by a Mexican restaurant, where I see two bikes parked outside, not locked up... A man walked forward, crouched under the window of the restaurant, hopped onto one of the bikes and started to bike off of it. As my current job is security for the local police department, I see this as rather out of the ordinary. I start talking to the man to slow him down and ask him if the bike was his; "Yes," he replied. Of course it wasn't his! It was a girls bike and he just walked up to it! He then proceeded to bike as fast as he could down a side street. I immediately called the authorities.

Anyhow! As many of you guys know, or at least I assume you would know, the police questioned me about the incident, and I told them everything I saw: a detailed description, what the bike looked like, which direction he was headed in, etc. However, when the owner of the bike came out of this restaurant, she thought it was acceptable to keep her biked unlocked just to go in and pick up food. Now, you could argue: "Oh! that is okay, bikes don't get stolen THAT often." Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but this city this took place in, happen to have a very prevalent and high amount of cases of larceny and bike theft. So...Stupid Idea, but that doesn't make stealing it anymore justified. Just, stupid.

However, regardless if it was locked or not, I too had a bike stolen on a previous occasion, but mine on the other hand was locked up. So, to know I may have aided in the capture and arrest of a unlawful bike thief, I felt like I redeemed myself for my stolen bike.

 Sweet sweet Revenge...


  1. I see what you did there. See what I do too.

  2. i did my part
    how about u?;)

  3. Gotta love revenge.

  4. Cool story brah

  5. showing teh daily loev