Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Own Masterpiece...

Well, I might as well explain what I've been up to this past summer in terms of fitness...I began with a couple goals, 3 months, and a drive. My goals were to gain 10 lbs. of lean muscle mass and to be able to run 20 miles per week without hindering my weight gain. 3 months was how long I had to do it in. My drive was and is my desire to become the best I can be physically, to push my body to its absolute limit and achieve a greater output of the human body, my body.

In the beginning of the summer I could probably run 3-4 miles a couple of times a week, which compared to most people isn't too bad, but to my standards I was out of shape when it came to cardiovascular endurance. I was around 150 lbs. fluctuating 2-3 lbs. lower or higher. 5' 10", and all I have really done the past 2 years I've been in college was weight lift. It was time to push myself past my plateau, and I was determined.

I created a 7 day workout routine, in which I would lift 4 days in the week and run 3 days in the week. Only one of the running days was shorter than the others, to give my body rest. I thought it was difficult enough, but the first month I did not see much change, I decided to force myself to completely give it my all in the gym, every ounce of energy I had in every lift. I pushed myself on every run and even began running with my roommate (a long distance runner for my university and clocks around 90 miles a week).

Needless to say, It is now the end of summer and I am 160 lbs, fluctuating 2-3 lbs higher or lower, 9.85% body fat, still 5' 10", and I just finished a 7 mile run and finished 20 miles this week.

I am in college studying to be a physical therapist and personal trainer...

"I am my canvas, I am my clay, I am my own masterpiece..."


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  2. Fuck yeah man! If only I had that kind of drive.

  3. Nice post man, I'm going to try the same as well.

  4. Great work and congratz on studying what you love, I'm sure part of the joy will come from helping similar minded people.

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