Saturday, August 28, 2010

Something to think about...

Lets take a second shall we...a second to really look into the mirror. Find who we are and how we truly act. Now ask yourself are you a postive person? And if yes, good for you. And if no, ask yourself...why?

My one discouraging thing thats happening right now in my life is coming across people or listening to people say things that disregard things without knowledge or an open mind to make a judgement...Even though judgement over ANYTHING and ANYONE should never be made...its just not our place to.

I'm tired of hearing people being sad and not knowing what to do with themselves...look around theres more to do than you think on this earth...more to do than you can complete in one life time.

Tired of those who feel that saying things without other people's feelings in mind is "okay."

Tired of those people who feel the need to have all the facts or facts in general to believe something is true. That lack faith or trust in not only themselves but also in others.

Tired of close minded individuals the would rather believe what they want to believe or believe what the internet tells them rather than allowing themselves to experience it first hand or listen to others opinions without becoming hostile.

Tired of those who show utter negativity towards everything that is happening, needs to be done, requested to be done or towards people, towards attitude, and towards life itself.

Also, let me ask you... does the world require those that must lie about who they are or how they are for someone to accept them..for someone to like them? What becomes of that? wouldn't it just result in unhappiness and disatisfaction? so why do it? BE WHO YOU ARE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOURSELF.

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